Physical Therapy

30 years of experience

Highly skilled physical therapists

Individualized and holistic care

Patient education and injury prevention

We speak Spanish and Cantonese




We offer:

Comprehensive physical therapy examination and treatment

Manual treatment

Pre and post surgical rehabilitation

Balance & vestibular training

Modalities: electric stimulation, ultrasound, traction, iontophoresis, ice and heat

Osteoporosis education and exercises

Pre and post natal education and exercises

Spinal stabilization

Running analysis

Home exercise program

Referral to other medical specialists as needed


Post Surgical Treatment


Surgery can be an intimidating proposition; our job is to make it less so.  To accomplish this we will do three things; listen and explain, assess you and your surgery site and answer any questions you have. A large portion of the first day is spent talking. This allows us to understand why you had to have surgery, explain what happened during your procedure and set expectations, both yours and ours. Then we will begin to assess you.  Step one is to sure there are no complications from your surgery.  Then we will attempt to make you comfortable, adjust braces and slings and talk about ways to position yourself for comfort in order to rest.  Then we’ll take a look at the non-operated extremity, to establish normal for you.  After this we will gently move the operated part to see where we are starting.  Lastly, there will be homework for you, to begin the rehab process.



Spine Care

Back pain and neck pain are exceptionally common but finding the right treatment can be challenging.  Our physical therapists begin treatment for spine pain and dysfunction by performing a comprehensive evaluation of posture, strength, flexibility, movement patterns, and applicable ergonomic and mechanical factors.  We listen to each patient's history and individual goals to help develop a treatment plan and home exercise program to meet their realistic expectations.  Patient education is the key to long term success as our PTs will teach you improved body mechanics, postural changes and ways to avoid re-injury in the future.   With your active participation and our expertise, we will guide you to reach your functional goals