Peninsula Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center

30 years of experience

Highly skilled physical therapists

Individualized and holistic care

Patient education and injury prevention

We speak Spanish and Cantonese

We have been providing quality physical therapy services in the same Daly City  location for over 30 years. Our seven skilled therapists are highly trained and certified in orthopedics, sports medicine, neurological rehabilitation, balance training and aquatics therapy.  We are dedicated to listening carefully to our patient’s history and special concerns.  We  then develop an individualized and holistic plan of care for every patient that addresses their personal needs.    Our focus is on patient education and injury prevention and self-management through all stages of rehabilitation. We have Spanish and Cantonese speaking staff.

We are pleased that Peninsula Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is a clinical education site associated with the University of California San Francisco and New York Medical College. We accept many different insurance plans including most PPOs, Chinese Community Health Plan HMO, Medicare, and many workers’ compensation carriers.  Please call us to discuss your specific situation.  Additionally, we offer affordable self-pay options.