“Everything I wanted and more.” - L.W.

"I can't recommend them enough." - V.A.

Therapists and aides are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They take your frustration of limitations away, making you mobile, flexible and relaxed. - D.G

Excellent services, always pleasant, sweet and happy. Anne Marie is a great therapist. - P.D.

Laura was no less than excellent.  Results are like day and night. -D.N.

From the beginning of my physical therapy treatment in May 2016, Anne Marie has been an outstanding advocate therapist for recovery and my full healing. She has shown extraordinary empathy, knowledge and provided sage, reassuring support. The PT aides have been truly a valuable adjunct to my ongoing care and exercises. They all show respect and concern for my needs. - T.K.

Laura gets me and my knees.  She helped me with the right exercises and showed my husband how to help me at home-my workds don't say enough. - D.M.

"I feel that the level of understanding of the body and movement at PSMRC is far greater than other physical therapy clinics I've been to." - M.D.

"Susan Sullivan is a great therapist.  She has been very supportive and encouraging in my recovery." - C.S.

“Stellar, professional care.” - S.L.




"Patient and helpful" - P.N.

Staff is friendly and helpful with setting appointments around your schedule. They are glad you are here. - D.G.

Maria and the front office have shown great organization in both scheduling and coordination oversight. - T.L.

The office personnel were outstanding especially Carolina and Maria." - J.P.

"Sweet and kind." - M.N.




"Being treated at PSRMC gives me access to an entire fitness location that is at the same location." - B.N.

"Everything is great and spacious so there's lot's of room to move. I asked to come here because of location and especially the staff." - D.G.

"Very pleased to use all their excellent equipment over the time of my ongoing therapy." - P.L.



"I have found all the therapists to be extremely qualified and attentive."

"I have received physical therapy at Peninsula Sports Medicine for many years and worked with different therapists along the way. Regardless of the injury I was recovering from (calf muscle tear, ankle stress fracture, lower back strain etc.) I have found all the therapists to be extremely qualified and attentive. They were very patient and took the time to explain the exercises in depth and unlike other places, they stuck around to make sure I was doing them correctly once the therapy session was over.
Thanks to their expertise I have always had a quick and lasting recovery and I trust their input and recommendations. To boot, there is always a nice atmosphere and it seems that all PTs get along well. I can't recommend them enough." - V.A.



"I have used their treatment methods to help the players that I coach in soccer and softball."

"I have been coming to PSMRC since 1992 for various injuries. The treatment I have received has made me able to continue to work until my retirement this year. I have used their treatment methods to help the players that I coach in soccer and softball. Most of the staff has been there since 1992 and that was a big factor for why I have continued to return here. I have worked with Sueanna, Sue and Robin. They work well together and shared my rehab concerns with each other.
The facilities are awesome, they have everything you need for your recovery. During my knee replacement I first did pool therapy and then progressed to more strengthening methods in the spacious gym area. This place is located above Planet Fitness so it was very easy to transfer my exercises to more advanced training. PSMRC vision is for me to be better and get back to work. If you're looking for a top of the line place, PSMRC is the place to go." - J.L.